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By jason (registered) | Posted October 14, 2010 at 10:22:33

this post may be redundant now that Martinus himself has posted, but this was my first though upon reading your post John.

such as in Ward 2, where Bob Bratina's decision to run for mayor has led to a 20-person scramble for one of the two open seats on council.

Martinus was registered long before Bob had dropped out and long before the 20-person scramble took place. I think Ward 2 residents need to take that into account on voting day. Martinus wasn't simply looking for a 'free job' like the others. He really wants to represent Ward 2 and was actively campaigning for the position with Bob still in the picture.

John, Beasley is lucky to have residents like you. It is so overlooked and neglected too often by the 'powers that be'. It's important for folks like you to remain active in your community. I noticed big signs up today on York and Wilson advertising the 2-way conversion plan will be completed by November. This is one more small piece of great news for the area.

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