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By ChrisAllen (registered) | Posted October 14, 2010 at 00:04:02

I believe that Eugene does pose a valid question. I don't know if the neighborhood association executive is on this discussion board (my instincts tell me yes, but I do not know for sure). I also do not know for sure if they are Morelli supporters (to that I can not comment, as I do not know one way or another). If they do support Morelli and are hosting the debate, how can any of the other candidates be assured a fair debate? This is a very valid question and a concern to me. I have not yet decided who I will vote for (I have stated that I do not think Morelli has done much for our ward during his tenure. I may be convinced otherwise) and I would like a fair and balanced debate in which all candidates are able to express their views and opinions.

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