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By EugeneM (registered) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 15:41:29

It's not been counterproductive at all.

I've discovered that

That the board of the association are all Morelli supporters and thus promoting his agenda through their influence.

The South Stipeley neighborhood association has blocked more than one person who didn't fit in with their group mindset from the local resources of the association. They have used the excuse of "threatening behavior", which is bizarre when my friend is a little old lady.

The association is exclusionary and wants people to set up alternative groups, rather than acting as an umbrella for all neighborhood issues.

Ultimately, while not entirely in keeping with the topic of the original thread, I would say this has definitely revealed a lot of information.

If I were a candidate running in Ward 3, I would be concerned about these board members, as their influence extends into other local organizations. Look at who was hosting the All Candidates Meeting, the South Sherman Hub, and then read who is their chair and then see the overlap within the South Stipeley Neighborhood Association. No candidate other than Morelli can be guaranteed a fair debate under these circumstances.

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