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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 15:16:50

I live within walking distance of Ottawa Street. Its really not very good.Loved the 100 mile challange show that was on last year. Saw the link thats posted here about eating local and went to the Barton Market. To be frank the hours are terrible the variety is severely limited and it too is impossible to use on a regular basis without a car because its too far to walk with bags and I can't even get a bus there other than the Cannon bus that runs sparcely and is a hike from my house which still means 3 or 4 trips a week which is not possible. As for parking downtown, you can't get to the lot. Used it for years. Love the market. IMO the only viable market for my location is downtown and since the holy hell they've made it into its not worth the effort.Its a shame its no longer a viable option

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