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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 14:59:25

MALEX, I am speaking of not attending a WH stadium like this if the TigerCats are not involved because I don't like soccer and the only way for me to watch it is if it is tied in with TigerCats with my season tickets to get a very, very cheap ticket and with the TigerCats on board with it. So yes, in this case with no TigerCat involvement, such a stadium would be a joke for me to attend because it would be soccer. BMO is at least 20,000 and has some pro flair to it and some say it's not a joke, the soccer community is supporting it. But I will never go to BMO because soccer isn't my game. But NASL soccer or whatever league it's called is below MLS, have fun attending, no thanks for me. Unless it's run by the TigerCats, then I'll probably support it, at least to some extent. That's the way it works for me.

Look, maybe this would be great for the soccer community here in Hamilton which is growing and to heck with the Cats. The city can still, as people have said, keep WH as the site and tell HOSTCO this is the site, we don't care about the Cats. Maybe the new council will do this, that is their right of course.

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