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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 14:16:55

Good idea Captain. As I just mentioned at, it's too bad in some ways the CFL is as successful as it is. Meaning in some ways it would be nice if the CFL had a more amateur model where 10,000 seat stadiums would suffice. You'd have more cities able to have a team. And with just 10,000-15,000 to be able to run a successful franchise (salary cap would probably be no more than $1 mill per team at the most) the WH would be fine just as Ron Joyce works for McMaster. Then again, you'd just need Ron Joyce stadium here in Hamilton, abeit slight expanded over what it is now. Oh well, that's a whole different discussion. And of course the talent level wouldn't be as high as now which might be problematic to even get 10,0000 out regularly. But then again, it brings me back to thinking of the days when the universities vied for the Grey Cup. This is one reason why while I would be sad if the CFL went caput, it would mean a more inclusive team base to vie for the champsionship since many Canadian cities have CIS teams and junior teams. Hmmm, a CFL season ticket holder thinking maybe the end of the CFL wouldn't be a bad thing perhaps. Ok, I need another coffee me thinks, although maybe not, the CIS does have, IMHO, an excellent talent level, not nearly as high as the CFL but pretty darn good nevertheless. hmmmm

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