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By jason (registered) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 11:57:29

Mitchell also said yesterday they would lose something like $70 million operating a stadium at CP. So I say, let's go back to WH. If they're going to lose gobs of money regardless, let's do it at a place that actually makes sense for Hamilton and is cheaper to build.

My personal hope is that with the new deadline extended to Feb, we will get the proper mayor and a council with some stones and immediately after the election they can go back to their WH position. If the Cats leave the discussions, so be it. It'll be 4 long years to the next election and nobody will care by then. We'll have a redeveloped WH with a stadium that can be expanded for soccer and football down the road. This whole process could end up working out perfectly for us by not having to make a final decision right before an election. It's a shame that only a couple councillors are willing to make the tough choices in the face of an election, but that's politics. Get over the election hump and I hope council will come out with guns blazing ready to do the right thing for Hamilton.
Of course, if we elect an old-boys club mayor, don't be surprised to see the stadium drain every cent from the city's coffers and be located out by the Mid-Pen corridor as a means of pushing through another unnecessary highway project.

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