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By Pinwheel (anonymous) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 01:44:23

@BelleProvince: "So if Montreal can support a cycling network, why can't Hamilton?"

Hamilton probably can. The question may be more “Why does Montreal have a dedicated cycling network and not Hamilton?" In answer to which I would suggest (a) intrinsic cultural valuation of bicycle culture, (b) comparatively greater urban population density, (c) six times number of post-secondary institutions proximate to downtown (d) a bloc of sustainable transit advocates who've had rapid transit for generations, thereby freeing their political energies to be focused on lobbying for cycling initiatives. Those are suggested explanations why they got there first, not reasons why we can't get there at all. The main roadblock is of course political will. Electing eight cycling advocates in 12 days' time would be enormously helpful.

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