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By caretaker (registered) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 21:49:20

The comment below is an outright fabrication that has been passed around this forum so often that many (most?) posters here now believe it to be true.

"Bob Young is the one who waited 7 years until 1 month before the deadline to start making waves about the site selection. Up until then, everybody thought he was onboard.

I don't think anybody would be angry at him if he'd made his East Mountain ultimatum/offer two years ago. I mean, we'd still disagree, but I don't think we'd see any of the anger we've got here."

The fact is that as soon as the Ticats were asked their opinion they have pointed out the shortcomings of the WH as a location for a 25,000 seat stadium. We expressed this information privately to the City for years, and to anyone who bothered to ask us. Out of respect for the process and our role as tenant we did not take our concerns public until it become clear that the city was committed to a location for the stadium that would not work for a large audience business.

Stadiums without good road access never work. And the WH, no matter what the posters here want to believe, has awful road access by comparison to any successful downtown stadium.

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