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By j-bo 73 (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 21:29:35

You only had to watch tonights debate to find out just how horrible your choices are for this election !!! Some of them read from a paper, some looked like they just crawled outta bed and others could't look at the camera.Sadly the top 3 really just skirted around issues with each other ! Truthfully Mr . Ken Leach was the only one to appear poised, confident and not caught up in the hoopla. The best awnser given tonight was his point "we will not go backwards". Lets face it people what's done is done. De-amalgimation will not solve our problems, going back to one way streets doesn't fix squat! What we need are jobs, equalization of services to rural communities, and community based programs that work and more importantantly supported by a strong leadership. Forward thinking cities with strong leaders who MAKE decisions, as well as green initiatives draw investors these days. Not those fighting with there own sports franchises and spinning in circles over every decision in council. Sadly you only have a few more weeks to make a decision so choose wisely !

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