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By frank (registered) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 14:46:25

HF I lost "respect" for BY when he used the underhanded tactics he did to "negotiate" with the city and the return of the respect was seriously undermined when it seems that the very reasons he refused to play at WH are not really reasons at all. I lost respect when he decided to disappear when people started asking real questions and remove himself from negotiations. I don't have respect for a businessman that attempts to stretch this City and its taxpayers over a pork barrel in order to gain some personal profit, especially when it's at everyone else's expense all the while claiming to be negotiating in good faith.

I do want the team to be profitable and I have yet to see a SHRED of actual evidence that the WH location would not have been a playable location for the Cats. Therefore my support is either for a WH location or a revamped stadium at Ivor Wynne.

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