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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 13:51:44

As an avid cyclist I'd like to see the focus of any bicycle plan focus on having bike routes that are physically separated from auto and bus traffic. With the ungodly proliferation of stop signs on side streets any alternate routes to the main east/west north/south thoroughfares have become difficult if not impossible to traverse without breaking numerous highway traffic act laws. Riding on any major road brings problems and dangers to bikes and a painted line does nothing to alleviate this. As a result I see my fellow bikers blowing through stop signs on side streets to keep moving at a reasonable speed and still stay safe. Although thats bad its beats the ones I see riding the sidewalks endangering pedestrians and themselves as they go unnoticed while going against the flow of traffic at a much greater speed than pedestrians. What shouldn't be done is to commit more money than is already committed because as has been mentioned by many, Canadian cities will never be a predominately bicycle environment because of our climate. I'm really not sure how to implement a bike plan but any plan that precludes recreational riders and focuses on commuters is a giant waste of money as widespread bicycle commuter activity is not achievable no matter how much money you throw at it

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