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By CCurrie (anonymous) | Posted October 11, 2010 at 14:27:27

Back on Track. I am sorry that the Pearl Company is closing. I enjoying the venue but like the rest of us, there is procedure to follow. Mr. Tetley seems to think that he can make instantaneous changes if he is elected but that is rather naive. He can grandstand as much as he pleases in council but he is still subject to the current policies and procedures that are in place. A Councillor is only one person on council. Mr. Morelli knows the limits of the law and is trying to work within them. If the owners of the Pearl Company are not able to work within those guidelines then it is indeed unfortunate. There always seems to be one candidate that makes undeliverable promises and tends to knock the others down in order to elevate their own perceived greatness. I really hope the Pearl Comany will reconsider with Mr. Morelli's assistance rather than hang their hat on the empty promises of Mr. Tetley.

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