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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted October 11, 2010 at 14:21:02

Here's something that is just confounding me.

The Tiger-Cats have been in the news almost every single day for the past 4 months. That's all of Hamilton's radio stations, all newspapers, CHCH TV, all Council meetings and THEY STILL CAN'T FILL a 30,000 seat stadium! Normally, this kind of constant coverage would result in a spike in ticket sales. According to reports, they had just over 20,000 at the last game. And they're winning games. How many of those seats were give-aways? What was the range in price from the lowest to the highest tickets and how many of each were sold. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

You simply cannot blame it all on Ivor Wynne Stadium. Lawrence, I know you agree.

So what the hell are we talking about here? The Chris Murray Information Report is scandalous. The Ti-Cats are once again spinning their nonsense about investment, and Foundations, and risk, and ticket surcharges, and naming rights. And our City Manager is letting them do it. Read the Draft Memorandum of Understanding. It's full of "poor Ti-Cats/fabulous Ti-Cats" clauses. I think it's time Chris Murray put in a few "poor taxpayers of Hamilton" clauses.

They can't fill the stadium they've got that we subsidize to the tune of $1.25 million a year and they want us to pay them $300,000 to use our brand new stadium, which presumably after the halo has worn off, the numbers will drop back down to 20,000 paid tickets, give or take a few thousand. And then what do we do?

Just like Bob Young said in his heartwarming and stomach churning letter, it's time to call your Councillor. As in now.

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