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By snookumzs (anonymous) | Posted October 11, 2010 at 08:44:52

jimharvie, you have not proven anything, in regards to incumbent campaigning hours. This is little more than mud slinging, and a pitiful attempt to derail Morelli's campaign. However, you and a few other Tetley supporters, are doing an excellent job derailing Tetleys.

To assume that I'm a Morelli supporter would be...well just that, an assumption. I'm actually very interested to hear what Black has to say and listen to a bit more of his platform. I'm starting to think he may be a very good candidate. He doesn't have an 'army of bullying, radical, vigilantes' helping him campaign like 'Team Tetley'.

As for my lack of courage and accountability, with regards to my have certainly demonstrated why a person would feel threatened by revealing it. Maybe, my alias shouldn't be Snookumzs but frightenedneighbor.

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