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By jimharvie (registered) - website | Posted October 10, 2010 at 23:17:29

Snookumzs has an interesting take on reality. I know that Tetley once watched from his deck as a dog owner, (as the cowardly ones do) ignored his dog crapping in the alley. Myself I would have picked it up and set fire to it on the coward slime ball pigs porch, but then I am a nut-bar and not running for council. Tetley picked it up and followed the jerk home, saying sarcastically, I believe this is yours. It was after Paul had walked a good way down the alley that the cowards expletives rang out and it was the dog owner who threw the dog crap. He then yelled out that only a nut (actually he swore something foul, but there is no need for that here) would follow someone down the alley with dog crap, and flung it down the alley in the direction of Tetley, whose response was to laugh, and point out that only a nut would throw shit down an alley. (shit is a technical term to us plumbers). That was the story I got from Paul the day after it happened. Snookums has heard the story twisted enough to have it completely reversed, and being a Morelli sycophant, is ready to believe the worst. Snookums is probably not the real name of the poster. That would take courage. That would be accountability. That is a concept totally foreign to Snookums.

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