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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 10, 2010 at 21:02:07


I'm not sure I understand your point. There is Federal, Provincial and Municipal money coming in to build a stadium to benefit the city and help revitalize downtown.

The Federal and Provincial money come with strings attached, such as nearness to GO services and other transit (LRT comes into it as well). The Municipal money comes with the string that it go to benefit downtown.

Since BY won't make as much money downtown as he will if he can build Bob's World beside it he has, at the last minute, flat out refused to go along with the plan that he was a part of building. Why at the last minute? Because now he can hold everyone hostage to his demands.

Make BY happy or lose the 'Cats! They'll go play somewhere else!

Make BY happy or lose the HOSTCO funding! They demand a legacy tenant.

Once again, to summarize: BY is trying to channel public money to provide himself with a significant revenue stream at the cost of downtown. Let him build his own damned stadium if he wants to make all the money. If he wants a stadium built for him, he can damn well play in an environment that will benefit many citizens, not just him.

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