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By MHooper (registered) | Posted October 10, 2010 at 20:38:41

Gary, I should point out that I have no conflict with your relationship in this campaign. I have no doubt that you took all of the prudent steps to pursue your goals. Yes, I have come as a guest to one of your meetings, and for that I thank you for welcoming me there. My reply was to simply point out the a glaring difference that Eugene refuses to acknowledge.

To whit: > Whether your association is political or not, the board members are well known and influential within the community and it is often hard to distinguish where their private opinions and association opinions begin and end and their vocal pro-Morelli leanings carry a lot of weight and were I a candidate, no matter who, I would be concerned about the pressure that can put people under.< As posted by Eugene.

There is no debate here; the South Stipeley Association just doesn't play a role in this election in the way it has been described on this thread. THAT is my only reason to be posting here.

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