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By anon (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2010 at 11:28:05

snookumzs, "The 'Tetley' tactics have torn our neighborhood (sic) apart." I disagree. Tetley is giving a voice to those in the neighbourhood who want clean and safe alleys, those who insist on the maintenance of property standards, and the enforcement of the city bylaws.

againstthemilitia, I checked out your reference to Thank you EugeneM for the whois search. Contrary to accusation, the site has not been modified since 07-nov-2009. The common thread on all of these photos is anti-police and anti-law and order. I think a name like 'against the militia' says a great deal about your moral and ethical quality and lack there of. You must be one of the taggers spray painting my back fence, or perhaps one of the prostitutes trolling on King St. Was it your drug house that was put out of business?

Thank you jimharvie,

"an email exchange was posted so we could all see how the question of appropriate campaigning was not answered by the city clerks office. This raises the question of whether the clerk is really in a position to enforce the rules, and therefore the effect is to have no rules. The comments about pettiness are valid if this was a "look-this guy is out putting signs up during office hours". If it was "hey i would like to know if this is permitted or not" then these questions deserve an answer. I suspect the city clerk was trying to explain why he cannot answer the question, but it reads like a cover up for the incumbent."

which leads back to the real topic "Incumbent Councillors, Office Hours and Campaigning".

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