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By jason (registered) | Posted October 09, 2010 at 16:01:43

Similar to their current stadium, an east/west alignment acts as a wind tunnel which makes it cold and windy on days that are not nice. You also don't get the evening sun issue. North/South is the better alignment.

I gotta side with Paul Allen on this one. I think we should model a new stadium after Qwest Field, albeit smaller of course. His design team walked into his office with plans for a domed stadium and ended up being lectured by the multi-millionaire on the virtues of playing football outdoors, in the rain and wind. he sent them away with a few instructions - make it the loudest, most intimate venue in the NFL; angle it so the wind and rain rip through the place, no fair-weather fans allowed; create a dynamic view of the Seattle skyline.

The result? The loudest, coolest stadium in the NFL with this view:

I'd hate for us to choose a worse location than WH and then botch it up even more by giving everyone a view of the base of the escarpment right in front of them to the south, and the 403 to the north.

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