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By EugeneM (registered) | Posted October 08, 2010 at 18:17:11

Thanks Gary. When I ask about "his beef" with you, I was meaning Morelli's unwillingness to help your cause. Surely helping you, helps the area within the Ward?

I've been to the Pearl a few times. It's a very easy walk from my house. One of the issues, parking seems petty at best on the part of the city. I know buildings downtown which have no parking and yet have no issues with the city. I've seen the area around the Pearl building improve over time, though it needs a lot more improvement in my opinion. I don't see why people would wish to see your company fail.

Are you asking for government money? If so, I would see your issues in a totally different light. A failing business should not ask a government to prop them up. I would object to this. The same way I object to the city subsidizing the failing business that is the Ti-Cats and the same way I object to the province subsidizing GM and Chrysler.

Would your business be failing if this zoning issue had never happened?

MrJanitor does raise a valid point, which your responses to him and me don't answer

Is Gary Santucci the official campaign manager for Tetley or just his unofficial manager? What favours will Paul Tetley owe Gary Santucci if he wins the ward? How is this different than the current arrangements, a business owner supporting a candidate to incur some debt of favours?

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