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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted October 08, 2010 at 15:41:14

I don't want Morelli to win Ward 3, his time is done and and new alder-person is needed. That said I'm finding the Tetley/Santuci tactics on RTH sickening. Others who don't agree with your 'vision' of things don't deserve the innuendo and smear tactics I've seen with increasing frequency.

When this election started I was genuinely excited about about what I saw on Paul Tetley's web site, I thought here's the person to make change for the better. That good will is completely gone. The pettiness and meanness displayed by Tetley/Santucci and his supporters makes me think another 4 years of Bernie might be a better outcome. Is Gary Santucci the official campaign manager for Tetley or just his unofficial manager? What favours will Paul Tetley owe Gary Santucci if he wins the ward? How is this different than the current arrangements, a business owner supporting a candidate to incur some debt of favours?

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