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By MHooper (registered) | Posted October 08, 2010 at 14:09:51

"I have been researching the Heart of the Hammer, I have found out that the owner "is active with the South Sherman Hub and the South Stipeley Neighbourhood Association." which explains the Morelli support, as the neighborhood associations members are well known Morelli supporters. I guess they don't agree with political impartiality. The word on the street is that they definitely have a beef with Tetley."

To Eugene - I'm a little unclear as to what your intention is with this sweeping statement. I would sincerely hope that your research would include actually speaking with some people and gathering ALL of the facts before getting on an internet forum and making accusations. If you had actually met the board of the Stipeley Association, you would find that our mandate is structured around community building initiatives and charitable events. We are NOT a political organization, period. Whatever any member chooses to do politically is up to them, and we as an association do not get involved in that capacity. I'm curious about your remark "word on the street, they definitely have a beef with Tetley". Would you care to elaborate on that? Paul's campaign, successful or otherwise, is not part of the day to day business of the Association. If there is a beef, it is not ours. Obviously we have a very good working relationship with Councillor Morelli, as we would hope to have with ANY Councillor. With the events and initiatives we are engaged in, it makes total sense to be able to have the support of the city to be successful. I would sincerely hope that whoever wins this election would continue that relationship.

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