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By againstthemilitia (registered) | Posted October 07, 2010 at 11:27:48

The common concern I have with Tetley, is that his entire existence seems to be based on a negative campaign, with little or no solid direction of his own. As a software salesman, relatively recent resident to the city, and clearly absent of the dynamics that Hamiltonians are living with, I am offended by his constant arrogance to all who oppose him. He is the worst possible leader, and has already demonstrated his inability to represent all of the wards residents. His "clique" mentality should raising flags for us all. I have seen him personally take an underhanded approach to many issues, not to mention a radical vigilante mentality towards our own residents. On transparency, why has he changed his website content to suit his election so drastically? I don't mean his personal page by the way, I'm talking about (his creation). All of the resident homes he chose to publically attack, with no regard to the full story behind them? Public flogging without a trial? Ignore the legal process? Why are they suddenly removed from that site? And about Councillor Morelli's hours; Tetley himself should have some recollection of the evenings the Councillor spends working with all of the different charity groups, neighborhood associations, etc. I have absolutely no concern about his "declared" hours at work, as I and many other have seen before, he doesn't stop working. For once I would love to hear not what Tetley "wants" to do, but how he would do it. I already know he doesn't like the existing Councillor, and he has no respect for the other candidates, so, what's next? Time for a new song, buddy. Yours has gotten really old.

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