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By frank (registered) | Posted October 07, 2010 at 08:44:14

NoBenifits... Sorry, the armor you're wearing was blinding me...must have missed the correctly spelled "benefits". Anyway, it seems you don't understand what's being done. Either way, they worked for and have something and it shouldn't be taken away especially when US Steel was subsidized by both provincial and federal governments. They're not asking for more, they're saying that what they haven't should NOT be taken away. What you feel holds water and doesn't is inconsequential. The fact remains that what you're exposing yourself to, you're doing with knowledge of both its presence and its treatment...they may not and probably did not have that luxury.

Your posts don't have to SAY that they're the bad guy, they wreak of "I don't get it so why should they". I don't get what they get either, but US Steel is 100% wrong in this case. Like I said, sorry you're so hard done by, but if you feel you should have a pension, like someone said already, form a union. Alternatively, find a job in a unionized workplace, there are lots of them in your field I have 3 family members in them...

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