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By NoBenifits (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2010 at 16:25:50


I'm well aware how to spell benefits, thank you. You'll notice that I spell it correctly in my posts and that how I spell my Screen Name is a personal choice. Telling me how I should spell my name would be like me telling you that you should use an upper case F in your name. To answer your question... Yes, I took university level English. There are several grammatical errors in lots of posts (mine included I'm sure), but I don't see much use in pointing them out as a means to discredit someone. Come on!

It is my opinion that those with benefits are the lucky ones. Roughly 65% of the Canadian work force are without a pension. However, I suppose if you consider that having a pension was part of the reason why some people lost their job, perhaps they are not lucky. Either way, there is no denying the fact that a large majority of the Canadian work force is sans pension.

The exposure to harmful elements argument doesn't hold water. You're right that there are lots of things that some workers will be exposed to that I won't. There are, however, also lots of things that I will be (and have been) exposed to that other workers will never be exposed to (such as potentially deadly viruses and bacteria eg. MRSA, CDiff, H1N1 etc). I don't think that makes my job any better, worse, more deserving or less deserving than anyone else. I'm just pointing out that there are lots of workers who are exposed to lots of things. That is just an example for my situation.

I also never said anything about anyone being a bad guy. There have been several examples of different people completely fabricating things about my posts. Why do you make things up?

I think some people have misinterpreted my post(s). I'm not trying to say that person X shouldn't get something or that I should and other people shouldn't. All I meant to say was that I find it frustrating to hear people complain that their pension and benefits aren't enough when the majority of Canadians would be more than happy to have half of what the person complaining gets.


I agree with what you're saying. Is it then safe to assume that you will agree to pay more tax so that the government can afford to give me a pension and benefits, because right now they can't.

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