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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2010 at 11:36:27


Thanks for defending me.

For the record, I beleive that Stelco's problems stem from BOTH poor management and a militant union.


Thanks for responding. As a member of Local 1005 you are probably the best person here to provide insight into what is going on. However, the question that I should have asked you is this:

Why is it that the Hilton Works plant in Hamilton is performing so poorly while the Lake Erie Works is very successful?

Both are unionized (albeit different locals) and are owned by US Steel/Stelco. From what I understand the Lake Erie plant (built in early 1980s) is very productive. Why does the Hilton Works not display the same level of productivity?

I have a suspicion that the reason US Steel purchased Stelco was to get its hands on Lake Erie. They don't really care much about Hilton Works but may have been pressured into buying it by the government back in 07.

Sorry for all the questions but your insight is useful.

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