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By dsahota (registered) | Posted October 05, 2010 at 21:13:36

It is so frustrating for me to read about people complaining that $70 000 in health benefits isn't enough. Or that their pension hasn't increased enough to meet the cost of living increase.

As a quick note, that's $70,000 in cumulative lifetime benefits. If you ended up with cancer or mesothelioma or some other horrible disease because you were working a cesspool of industrial chemicals, that $70,000 goes pretty quick. As time wears on, that $70,000 buys less and less health care. You also can't compare the working conditions in the healthcare field to the working conditions in a steel factory in 50's and 60's when many of these retirees were working.

After completing 2 university degrees and working as a professional in my area of study (health care), I have zero benefits and zero pension.

I would be absolutely delighted if the company I work for would give me $1000 in health benefits. If the would give me $100 a month when I retire? Awesome!

Well if you think you deserve health benefits and a pension, then start talking to the other people at your employer as there are likely other people who think the same way. You may be able to unionize yourselves and bargain or form an association which can informally negotiate with your employer for the benefits you want.

The steelworkers have their benefits because they (and the generations before them) stood up and were willing to take action in order to win those gains. Don't blame them because you're not willing to stand up for yourself.

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