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By omro (registered) | Posted October 04, 2010 at 08:24:17

"If you read up on the Ward 3 challengers you will find Sean Gibson is one of the only ones who constantly talks about the importance of people."

Have you looked at Gibson's website... there's nothing there about his platform, nothing about his policies, just a few paragraphs about his community involvement and promotional material for the OBA... nothing substantive, progressive, inspiring, concrete, nothing!

"I see two businesses who support their local community."

He states that he uses the OBA as a tool for tackling unemployment. However, the OBA isn't even in the Ward he wants to represent (it's in Ward 2), nor is it tackling unemployment by charging people for what was illegitimate training at the time, nor can he guarantee that all of the people he's trained will set up businesses within the Ward.

He may talk about the people, but a degree of community involvement won't actively improve the Ward. He needs to have grass-roots initiatives and a viable plan to improve the Ward, which will have the knock-on effect of improving the lives of its inhabitants and businesses. I don't see this, only vagueness.

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