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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2010 at 23:39:45

Turbo, read the articles in the Spectator, the Ti-cats are offering to contribute 15 million dollars for a retail development next to the proposed stadium. They've also offered to take over management of the stadium, as long as we pay the administration fees, oh and they want to be able to sell the naming rights.

In other words they've offered nothing towards the building of the stadium itself.

If I were the city I would not be interested in the $15 million dollars of development adjacent to the stadium (investors will bring forward their own proposals if the ti-cats don't, you can be sure of that).

As for the ti-cats offering to run the stadium if we pay them a management fee, well, that's what we are doing right now with Ivor Wynne, and the ti-cats don't seem to be doing a great job making sure the facility is used for anything other than ti-cat games, so thanks but no thanks.

Lastly, the ti-cats want to be able to sell the naming rights. Why would we let a team that plays there 8 times a year and is contributing no money for the construction of the stadium, sell the naming rights?

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