Comment 48700

By subtlehustle (registered) | Posted October 03, 2010 at 23:35:29

i dont know why no one else has suggested this and i dont know why it took me so long to actually figure it out. bob young is a brilliant business man. how else does a goofy looking idiot in a red hat make millions of dollars. its all about leverage of power. so the city wants to build a stadium in a location i dont want, so i suggest a completely ridiculous locations that everyone hates and knows wont work and then i walk away from negotiations when they dont select my site (while secretly looking at the site we REALLY wanted for the stadium....longwood). then when the ciyy comes back on hand and knee and say they will do ANYTHING so the team doesn't leave town, i non-chalantly bring up the longwood site and all the cities problems would be solved. bob young, your team may have not fielded a winning team in over a decade, but you sir, have fooled an entire city into giving you the stadium location you have been planning on since this debate started.

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