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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2010 at 20:39:30

Turbo, that 15 million has nothing to do with the Stadium. Its going to be some extra parking, a few bars and whatnot. Investment is investment and that's all well and good for the area, but it has nothing to do with the stadium. If they build it without that 15 million entertainment district are the players going to showup and go "Hey, we can't play here, there is no Bar down the street". Infact, what Bob is doing is leveraging the Stadium to get first dips on what (he hopes will be) a very prime piece of land with both the stadium and I.P nearby. 7 dollar Draft beer anyone?

So by your reasoning everything else built NEAR the stadium is a contribution. How silly of me. I will make sure to thank the McDonalds around the corner to contributing 1 million plus to the stadium, AHEAD of any official plans. What a great company. TacoBell too. I mean they put a franscise up too. What great companys they are.

Infact some to think of it, I will thank August 8, a great sushi place, for personally contributing to the cost of my Loft on Rebecca? Why, oh no reason. They dident ACTUALLY give me any money, but they just renovated it, and its close by.... so I will send them a Christmas Card... (this is of course , using your sound reasoning).

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