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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2010 at 20:01:05

What I find strange about the parking situation was that Bob was 100% fixated on the 6000 spots. I understand that is ideal, but the way he made it sounds was that it was an absolute deal break. I mean he never even said anything like "We want 6000. If its got to be 3000 then the TiCats will have to look at how much we are contributing" , for example, something like that, ANYTHING like that.

The TiCats absolute refusal to accept anything less then 6000, and then turing around and shruging their shoudlers and saying "Meh" when its less, just goes to show that more than like the "7 million loses" was also a fictious number.

I mean it was **ALL ABOUT** parking, suddenly it's not even a factor?

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