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By CityJoe(sephine) (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2010 at 15:42:07

I'm with you on this Annamarie!

Quote: "Watching the stadium fiasco play out, I was reminded just how male-centric municipal politics is, truly a pissing contest. And those issues spilled over onto RTH for discussion, further boring the woman in me - around the same time a Spec article ran from the Good Shepherd food bank (?) appealing desperately for baby food and diapers. Women's priorities would be WAYYYYY different if we were running council."

What Political Man wants to talk about baby food & diapers when a building, maybe with His Name on it (Ooooo! Aaaaaaaw!) will stand for years, assuming it ever gets built, in spite of the pissing contests. :{

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