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By SWF (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2010 at 10:48:46

Yes, Pxtl, you perfectly illustrated my point. You urban-y, blog-y types get your jollies through one-upping people intellectually (although most of that action occurs in the comments section via tearing people and ideas down, instead of building up).

"I just really don't get how this is a controversial statement. If we want more women representing us, more women need to run."

You're assuming the problem lies with women for not wanting to participate in a male-dominated forum that rewards certain personality traits (like competitiveness and a work-centred life) that are not traditionally "female" traits.

"Our goal shouldn't be to get more women in politics so we have more women in politics. It should be to have more women in politics because we thirst for and crave their good ideas, strong thought process, sensible reasoning and, as a general rule..though there are exceptions, their honesty. "

Thank you, Jarod. That was very lucid and respectful.

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