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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted September 30, 2010 at 14:11:53

Yes, the systems needs fixing, but not at the price of removing citizens from the equation.

How many arts entrepreneurs have started up small galleries without problems from the city in the last 5 years? Why has the Pearl Company had so many problems? The Pearl Company circumvented the process whereby the people in the neighborhood get to have input in any changes to their neighborhood BEFORE a business opens. Sending flyers out TELLING the people around you what you are doing and changing is in no way the same as a process where the local citizens have an actual voice before an adjudicator. The owners of the Pearl Company have been obstinate in their belief that they were already a legal conforming use. If they had simply paid the $1200 and relinquished control to the neighbors for that brief moment they had a right give feedback, none of this would be happening! I'm sure the rebuttals will have numerous examples of other situations, I don't care anymore. The Pearl Company has made this the whole city's problem now and I have yet to hear any admission of any accountability for the whole goddamn mess from them. If they had followed the process that so many sneer at here they would have gotten their approvals and all of this negative energy wouldn't be hanging like a cloud over them.

I do not mock or deride the process in it's imperfections, it gives the citizens a FORMAL voice and say in the decisions made around them.

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