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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 15:36:43

Yes, most certainly clouded an issue but now i wonder what HostCo meant by legacy. Where and why did the word tenant come into play if it was ever meant to. Did something get lost in translation?

Dundas is cropping up more frequently in articles and blogs, possibly because West Harbour has been relegated to the back seat for the moment in all other currently related Hamilton stadium writings. And, because the cycling interests have deemed Dundas a better location; probably so.

One writing stuck in my mind (sorry can't refernece it) that a West Harbour velodrome might be built as a temporary box like structure (paraphrasing here). Thus not a legacy in the sense of a brick and mortar, oval track and training venue.

I think the idea of a Dundas venue had much more to do with a greater multipurpose training and racing center. Indoor velodrome events and a center for road racing and training would all be based from a location that had ready access out to the surrounding hills, countryside, nearest a city with all supporting amenities like hotels and an international airport, yet just outside of metropolitan traffic woes.

I am wondering if the idea of designating an american style football team as a legacy tenant is a misnomer... not articulating this too well... just seems with all the agreements and renegging over the last year the ti-cats don't fit that concept. Especially if they publiclay threaten to pull up roots and leave.

I think HostCo meant a facility was to be a legacy structure for the sport awarded, or at the very least serve as a multipuspose facility for sport. But when Athletics Canada got wind of Bob Young suggesting ripping up the Track and Field facility as awarded to Hamilton after the games its no wonder they recommended HostCo drop Hamilton as an athletics venue for the CommonWealth Games.

The Tiger-Cats would have ripped up the legacy concept for self
interest. There are at least a thousand multipurpose sporting facilities in North America seating 20,000 or more with an IAAF recognised athletic track surounding an american football, soccer, or field hockey pitch. Bob Young should never have considered ripping up the track.

So, we are left with soccer and a velodrome venue as a potential legacy of the 2015 games. Soccer may get squeezed out as did athletics.

A velodrome may survive the turmoil as a standalone legacy, for a lot less money, for a greater long term benefit to the city and citizens than a new football stadium.

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