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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 13:48:09

Wouldn't a velodrome bring more international interest and reinvigorate a more healthy lifestyle in Hamilton, for a fraction of the cost?

A center for cycling sport such as a veldrome seems cheaper to build and establish as a legacy than something centered around football. American football is hardly recognized outside of north america. Can't we use a velodrome to bring international attention to Hamilton and inspire people to get on their own bikes more often?

Reviewing the latest ongoing arguments it seems soccer is being written more and more in the background while football is being brought to the forefront, again, as some sort of stadium solution - un raison de etre. Special interest and politics is needlessly complexing the issue and costing us more!

A world class velodrome down in the Dundas area if only seating 5000 would surely be a greater attraction. Could it not serve a unique if not more exciting focus than football, for a fraction of the cost with greater international visibility than an american-centric football stadium.

Maybe a world class velodrome and ancillary cycling events centered out of Dundas will inspire more people to get on their bike more often than picking up a football.

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