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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2010 at 10:43:34


Honestly, I understand what you're saying and I agree with your sentiments. I grew up in a house where televised games were watched with friends of my parents, and I attended games as a kid. Both memories remain with me today, many years later.

I really don't dismiss the value of the Ti-Cats to fans, and to citizens at large, at all. Although I don't agree with Ron Foxcroft that culturally the Ti-Cats define Hamilton, I do think they're part of our culture, and we should, and I think do/did value them.

What I do dismiss is the notion that the Ti-Cat organization is a partner with the City in this stadium project. They have not acted like community partners. Not at all. They have acted like detached businesspeople who are not coming to the table. I get the need to run a business profitably. My business partner and I met an annual payroll in the many millions of dollars for over 20 years before I sold and retired.

The Ti-Cat "negotiating" stance is insulting to fans such as yourself and to people like me who support the continuance of the team in Hamilton, but not at any cost. As I've said before, I think Bob Young is getting bad advice. Problem is, he's taking that advice. That's not my fault. Neither is it yours.

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