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By cityfan (registered) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 01:31:34

The Velodrome will go ahead for sure. Hamilton will be the cycling center of Canada. That is something to cheer about. Hopefull it is still going to West Harbour.

As for this raw deal to build a stadium for Bob to use at the end of Longwood just stinks. This New stadium should have been the central stadium for the Pan AM Games but now it looks it will be a 5000 seat stadium with temporary seating at York University....unless of course Mr Braley magically invests in building a new stadium for his Argos...I wonder who is really making the desisions at HostCo?

Athletics is the main event at these games, not soccer believe it or not, followed by swimming and gymnastics. All located in Toronto. Here is an example of a well built 45,000 seat stadium at the last Pan Am games in Rio in 2007..

Makes you wonder what could have been without Ticat interference. Does Hostco even know what they are doing? York dosen't have a legacy tenent either. Everything about this just stinks!!!

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