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By Sean Gibson (anonymous) | Posted September 26, 2010 at 10:44:02

Dear Resident and especially Eugene; The restraining order I have received and the FIGHT that I have been fighting with the Ministry over the last 10 years is no different than the fight that the Pearl Company has encountered. I am providing education and barber instruction that’s not available anywhere else in Ontario to individuals who are interested in the barbering trade, unfortunately its not a high profile case like the Pearl Companies but it still illustrates how an entrepreneur trying to better the community being dissuaded and discouraged by government. The Pearl Company broke the law and The Barber Centre broke the Law in both of our cases. I have since rectified the conflict with the Ministry and continue to move forward, and so has the Pearl Company. All in all this inability for government (Municipal and in my case Provincial) to work with business and local residents is what I’ve been lobbying for over the last 10 years. So Eugene; all those nasty comments you have suggested about my restraining order and my overall intentions must also apply to this Pearl Company debacle? I have been fighting for this neighborhood long before this election began and I’ve never heard any comments on your behalf……I’ll continue to fight the good fight and I hope the Pearl company does the same.

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