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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted September 20, 2010 at 22:06:49

No Z. Mahesh asked them to stop using media releases to launch these attacks. RTH gives Mr. Butani space, then mocks him by typing press release and crossing it out.

Sorry, I have come to think a lot of this RTH community and what this media outlet stands for, but leave the mocking and twists of the truth to the 'other' guys. We are here because we want non-partisan truth. Titles that are what they are and not some way to grab our attention at whatever costs.

Are we really happy with how our city has 'progressed' the past 8 years? Obviously Ward 2 is looking forward to chagne with all those candidates running so would I be safe to say that change doesn't mean you want the current person holding office to change seats to head that same table?

I challenge you all to give Mahesh's website a gander. Look at what he stands for. Meet him for a coffee. Face to face. Look into his eyes. I see positive change when I stand beside him. I don't feel that with Larry or Bob. Haven't stood face to face with Fred other than at the delegates podium, but I don't get that vibe from him either. Perhaps it's because everytime I have been in his presence, he's stressed about stadium talks. Either way, I truly believe that Mr. Butani has what this city needs.

Some of the comments are starting to look like Spec or sport forum comments. Just a bunch of shots. When I first came on here, I was a little intimidated to comment because I found the people on here to be very knowledgeable, informed, and engaged citizens. Comments were only flagged for the most part, because they were very negative or putting others and/or their thoughts down.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it - or at least be constructive. I like that RTH doesn't delete comments - just greys them out. The Spec seems to have people trolling around marking comments that aren't offensive, offensive because they don't like a person or their views. I think it's three hits and your out.

RTH is a great site. Just remember what you were before the stadium debate. Perhaps we all need to remember who we were before this stadium debate.

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