Comment 478

By Gregor Samsa (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2006 at 22:42:37

Most I've laughed all day Mark. Thanks. And incidentally I saw my very first film at Jackson Square too and was bullied along with my friend Steve by a gang of Lou Reedish looking hoodlums to let them in the entrance at the top of the stairs (people used to get in free that way in the 70's!). Alas we ignored the bullies and just enjoyed the show and cautiously went down the stairs (the bullies had by then gone onto new and more fruitful territory.) And I agree it was a strange and surreal feeling going down them for the first time. Your pictures and words capture the unique and ironical sadness -the neglected wonder of Jackson Square's rooftop. I await with eager anticipation your next photo essay.

PS: I assume you came out from your dentistry appointment - cavity free??

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