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By ??? (anonymous) | Posted September 16, 2010 at 12:31:24

Huckster...That's a little bit crude in this day and age, once upon a time we used to call people that. Are they not taxpayers too? When was the last time anybody has gone to a real
farm market? They too carry imported produce, to compliment their harvest!! Are these farmers "Huksters" too? Perhaps, there should be a rule regarding the percentage of local produce one must sell at their stall!! Sudsy, are you insinuating that these "hucksters". don't support the local farmers? I think you are wrong!! Ask any local farmer, how many of these "Huckster" are keeping them alive......really!
Doesn't anybody get it! Although the concept is nice of having a "real" farmers market, but you also need a balance of produce vendors with imported produce!!

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