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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted September 16, 2010 at 10:17:55

Thanks HamiltonFan You are right. The new stadium should be completely different. They put a lot of thought and money into practically duplicating Yankee Stadium in New York, and even put it directly across the street to keep it in the same neighborhood.

No sense re-creating any of Ivor Wynne at a highway intersection in a totally different neighborhood. One thing I believe we will retain wherever it goes, is that closeness to the field.

I'll go to some games wherever they go too, HF. I'll walk in those doors with an open mind, grab a beer, take my seat, and look around. I'll probably site-see most of that first game. I'll think of Ivor Wynne surely. What we've lost. What's different.

It'll be something new/different in Hamilton, and I'll let time decide whether there is any affection to be gained from our new; not the heart that will always on some levels, miss the part of the history we wil have lost.

I know there is affection to be gained from new. The 'other' stadium in Hamilton that people refer to as a White Elephant, has held many fond memories. I was at the first ever hockey game played there. Met Bobby Orr that same game - he sat right in front of my dad and I. Seen my first concert there - Rush. Seen Rush twice actually there as well as many others including another life long favorite, Bruce Springsteen. I worked there once for an auto show, been to games with my dad, events with my sister and little Brothers when I was Big Brother. Took my grandfather to his first game there during a Bulldogs hockey game.

My first ever published article was the result of the largest crowd at an AHL hockey game - right here in Hamilton at Copps Collisum. The Bulldogs were the first and only professional team I have ever had season tickets for. The Bulldogs have been creating very fond memories in the hearts of Hamiltonians for 13 years.

What is a White Elephant to some, is hockey's Ivor Wynne Stadium to many. It's even named after a person.

There are memories to be made at a new arena/stadium. It's just a shame more people don't see the value in buying and restoring an old home.

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