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By jason (registered) | Posted September 15, 2010 at 22:25:00

umm, I'm not entirely sure how to reply so I'll repost my first two points from above:

just to clarify a few things here.

the city isn't trying to push out the unique vendors many of us have grown to love. They are simply looking to eliminate some of the duplicate sellers who are merely selling ontario food terminal stuff. apparently there are 2 and 3 stalls all selling the identical stuff, owned by the same person.

Giving first dibs to farmers won't mean that nobody else will be allowed in. It simply means that first dibs will be given to farmers. I think there's only a handful of farmers now and I can't see 70 farmers choosing to locate there. Our specialty shops and other shops will be back, you can be assured.

I'm not lashing out at anyone here. Just stating a few facts about what is happening right now. And as I mention in point 2, there will be room for plenty of sellers and 'non-farmers' due to the fact that only a handful of farmers seem to want to locate there.

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