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By cityfan (registered) | Posted September 15, 2010 at 10:14:40

Not to say I want the Tigercats to go.....BUT,

When listening to a certain radio station in the west end, are you telling me that council should bend over backwards the Keep the Ticats! Give me a break! If you think that we can't live without the identity of the Ticats is worrysome to say the least. I am in my 30's and have lived in this city all my life. I'm upset and feel like I am being bullied by the Ticats and disrespectful to there legacy for not supporting them to make them happy with my tax dollars. I love amatuer sport and participated in national level athetics. I believe amatuer sport compliments education. I am very upset that we lost the track and field section of the games due to the Ticats new legacy. The Veledrome and the Pool however is a great addition to Hamilton. After reviewing this recent COW meeting on Tues, if we don't get a new stadium it's because we can't afford it at this time, Period! and apparently neither can the Ticats.

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