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By cmc (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2010 at 16:37:08

This is a concern to me, I understand and support the preference for local producers but what about the stalls that sell Latin American and Caribbean products, or those that sell cheese or grains and flours. Without a car, I rely on the market for a lot of the food I buy. If anything, I find the market a bit narrow in what it has on offer although I believe it is an excellent market in its current incarnation. I recently moved from Toronto and lived close to St. Lawrence Market. I do prefer Hamilton's market but miss a few items I could find at St. Lawrence.
I certainly support the letter and the spirit of Councillor Pasuta's motion but I hope that diversity of products is not forgotten in whatever selection process stallowners have to go through. If the range of products available is diminished it could cost the market customers. I am sure that I am not the only customer whose visits to the market might be less frequent if I have to go elsewhere to find the supplies I need.
It seems unfortunate that fewer stalls can be accommodated. I wonder at what stage of the planning this problem was confronted. I like the criteria in the motion but I don't see the response as a cause for celebration.

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