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By antisesquipedalianloquaciousness (registered) | Posted September 13, 2010 at 06:56:05

Some of these candidates are truly delusional or doing the herbal again...unless they are running just to challenge the true contenders on issues, then koodos to them and Thank You.

Really though, what real contenders are there? I suppose serving in these positions once elected, these individuals don't have much to lose. I can think of many individuals that would be much better to run budgets,financing and management of our fair city but would stand to lose much in their own personal finances. This is the obvious reason for the lack of sound business minds in the running.

Our city should be run like a house...the foundation is the most important part...for all the rest is really frivolity waiting to cave in on itself if there is not the fundamental base for building upon.

Serious issues have been forgotten...what happened to dealing with the water main issues and flooding in the east end? The stadium will be nice but this "playground" issue saddens me when I think about the taxpayers who can't even get adequate or affordable insurance for their homes.

Our city needs a better, and more profitable downtown business core which a Harbourfront or Aberdeen stadium site would fuel. Any event held at the stadium would attract a crowd of restaurant diners and shoppers. The east mountain location would merely add to urban sprawl and leave a depressed downtown core to spiral downward stuck in a business cycle perma-depression.

Dont underestimate thepride`and newly raised self-esteem that Hamiltonians will experience with a stadium site in place. Positive spending and community involvement can only mean a nicer, happier city to be living and visiting in. Spending will snowball exponentially and create a wealthier economy while the community enjoys the rebirth into a new business cycle.

I, personally, hope for the harbourfront site because I really want the rest of the world to see a stadium when they drive across the Burlington Skyway and not just coke plant emissions and a dismal bay with suicidal seagull roadkill along the Easport drive. Mr. Bob Young says there are not enough seats for fans in that proposal...last time I was at a game with nearly full capacity was last season when the TiCats were making a comeback. Hamilton has the MOST LOYAL, DEDICATED FAN BASE that I have ever known. These fans are in need of not just urban renewal, and a economic injection of funding for business renewal. They need to know that their team will give back that dedication, faith, and pride in it`s representative city. A downtown stadium fits the bill!

So, to return to the topic of candidacy for councillor and mayor, do any of these contenders have the foresight, business savy, or vision that this city of Hamilton needs.

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