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By Jordan Kerim (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2010 at 17:58:04

Well you have to admit that if we can get as many people onto transit then there will be fewer cars on the road potentially holding up traffic. Taking away one streetcar (especially if coupled in multiple unit) and putting those passengers in cars would definately push congestion to the hilt. And building full fledged subways would be impossibly expensive, given the essentially non existent subway construction since about 1980. As cities become more dense, giving priority to the car makes them much less liveable. Many cities around the world are pushing for light rail, and soaring gas prices will only make the momentum even greater. Back to the day, streetcars, interurbans and steam powered intercity rail linked this continent together only now it will be light rail and hopefully high speed rail. Toronto was fortunate that it stopped itself in the early 1970s from turning into another L.A. with freeways everywhere by stopping the spadina expressway but unfortunately we were still too obsessed with building subways even when we knew they had become unaffordable, we came up with useless technology like ICTS while we were still clinging to the ideas of old. Only now are we starting to embrace newer ideas. Rob Ford may try to snatch away money earmarked for Transit City, but what will most likely happen is that the money will sit around until it is used for what it is meant for. I hope rational thinking will prevail on election day and we can go on to making Toronto a greater city, and beyond.

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